Cutting Lines

From a young age we often taught what is socially acceptable and what is not. However, as we get older we sometimes lose this common understanding of societal settings. For instance, we would deem it “rude” or not acceptable to cut in front of someone while standing in line. The often polite thing to do would be to allow someone to cut in front of you if they seem in a hurry; or at least that’s how we do it in the South. Yet, we somehow miss the mark on this ingrained understanding as we reach adulthood. Today, for example, I was in a hurry to get to the coffee shop in order to make my appointment on time. I had woken up late and in a rush from the beginning. However, I knew without my jolt of java I would not make it all day driving to my appointments. While at the light I had noticed the person in front of me lagging a bit behind where I needed to be in order to arrive at my destination on time, or for me rather early. Therefore, when the light turned green I shot forward and into the other lane passing the, in my opinion, “slow” driver so I could reach the coffee shop. If I were to do this while standing it line I would get rather aggressive looks and see some maladaptive behavior. Albeit, this did not occur because I was driving. So I pose the question…. Why is it socially acceptable to cut that ingrained “line” we have known about since childhood? Who is to keep me in check for my non-altruistic and self-benefiting behavior? Are we merely supposed to keep ourselves in check? If so, will our morality, and self-governing behavior, we learned in childhood remain in tact if only we are to monitor ourselves? Just some pondering I had on the way to my oil change and other appointments today. (Side note- I arrived 15 minutes early because of my irreparable behavior.)


^ Who knew?



Sometimes illness is not merely physical but can cause strife even in our thoughts leaving us feeling lost. Often one can see it when you people watch at a cafe. If you sit long enough you will see sickened hearts, minds, and souls. Often though they are asked how they are are and respond with a chipper “all is fine” but we know better. We know that all is not fine and they just wished someone would prod deeper. It is these types of persons we should surround ourselves with, for like is drawn towards like. Perhaps you’ve already found your sickened soul but haven’t the courage to speak to them for fear of rejection. Do it. What harm could it cause? For fear of a no is nothing to fear at all–truly I tell you. So next time you’re in a cafe, coffee shop, book store–wherever–be sure to seek out those with a likeness and don’t be fearful of rejection. Life is too short. Live.

Sometimes Compassion Cannot Overcome the Fury.

Many times this day has became consumed by fury and no art of compassion has alleviated this issue. Typically many of us, attempt, to live by this compassion so that today’s bad morals do not consume us. However, this attempt did not work in today’s chaos. It often seems that some days are overcome by acts of compassion but yet it was nowhere in sight today; no matter how much one might have searched for it. The end of today, a day of fury, has left one broken and unsure with the hopes that tomorrow might be a little brighter.

Fatal Web

He quickly gets wrapped up in her tangled black widows web of sticky substances.

She is quick to strike and even quicker to bring you down.

She cares only of herself…

Her optimal goal, deceit and lies.

How is she so cunning…

Like a scorpion she attacks always ready for her fatal blow.


So sneaky sweet?


Due to his inept ability to see…

Blinded by love and darkness, this is how she traps him.

She strikes quickly, he never sees it.

She strikes with a fierce force of a tidal wave….

Wiping everything and everyone out in one quick sweep.

Nothing compares to her darkness ever so sweet and wicked.

Nothing can bring her tangled webs of lies and venom to the bright beaming light.

Nobody can resist, she seems so kind…

But with a quickness you are gone.

One blinding gaze and you are hooked…

On her fatal web of condemnation.

Starbucks Anonymous

          You are on your way to work and the craving hits you like a ton of bricks. It seems to be calling to you. You will have time, right? Five minutes and you can be through there and get your double shots in no time! The cost not important, we all know you need it, and seriously you do not care if you fall under that stereotypical profile. Starbucks, your morning joy, the one thing that can wake you from being an a.m. zombie.

            Pulling up you look at the menu maybe you’ll get something different today but you already know you will get the same thing you always do. Cup of mocha with two double shots even though you want three you know you cannot afford it. Just thinking about it makes you wake from your autopilot mode. Man did they go up on the price, but really do you care? With your pocket book six bucks lighter, you are on your way with the overpriced, but quality coffee. Wondering to yourself why have I bought into this steep trend.

            Parking your car and heading into work the aroma hits you. Looking around, you notice that everyone has made their usual stop at Starbucks. Just like you, they think that they need that jolt of java to get them through all the meetings, car pools, and whatnot. In reality you all know you do not need it but man does everyone seem to think they do? You know that if someone at your job does not get his or her double shot for the day you had better steer clear because it will not be pretty. As the workday progresses you see some come back from lunch with their craving of caffeine in their left hand; that fresh brew that makes them functional.

            Chuckling to yourself, you notice you fall right into the same stereotype. Videos in your mind playing back all the things that you have seen and thought when you went into get that caffeine pick me up. The book nerds huddled in the corner getting their fix, students studying in a group trying to make it through their next exam, or business executives pushing against the space of time for sleep and work. All rolling into the one need or so they thought. I guess that is what makes Starbucks so successful. People thinking they need it.

            In a way, the purchaser is somewhat addicted to this new trend, buying into all the new rage of expensive coffee and stereotypes. Before you know it they will have a Starbucks Anonymous for those stuck on that caffeine fix the one thing that they think they need to survive and we all know they don’t really need it they just want it! It is like the feeling of hunger never being satisfied but instead it is a feeling of thirst for alertness and vitality.  This thirst is what drives people to buy more and more thinking that they will not survive without it. The legal addiction of caffeine that has been around for ages and ages but only now is it becoming a trending problem.

Trimming the Fat

It is often at this time of day that I find myself pondering my many mistakes. I also find myself thinking how I would do it over. Yet when I truly think about it, mistakes and all, I decide that in each of these instances that I would never change a thing. Why should we change even one thing in our lives because if we do who is to say that the new outcome will even be any better at all? These late night time of day pondering’s are what lead me to truly evaluate myself. In evaluate myself I inevitably learn more things than I knew the day before. Life is all about your journey and the person you become along the way. In evaluate ourselves we will truly find what makes us happy and what does not. Once you know this insight to your own happiness you can then trim the fat from your life and in turn get more out of the life you lead everyday. For some of us this time is precious and limited. No matter who you are you do not know how long you have however, for some us we know that we do not have long. So why waste any more time on trivial things? 

Things Which Consume the Soul

To be irrevocably consumed by something is what most people long for, that passion. Yet in some instances it is less than desirable. The fact that we could let something consume us thusly is what is most frightening. Daily our lives are plagued by things which consume us. We go to work and are engrossed in a favorite radio station on our journey there. Or perhaps we are addicted to social media, a facebookaholic per se, and we live to see what others are doing. Maybe we are even consumed by someone. Either way it is unhealthy no matter how you look at it. Boundaries need to be put in place so that we do not let it take root in our soul. Even friendships can consume us. No matter how we view it there are extremes of these things. However, when do we know that it has reached its point of no return? And once we have reached this point how do we overcome what has taken root in our soul? Do we simply let it ensue as it has? Or do we sever that tie which bonds us to it so that we no longer face its destruction?